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by Riffhanger

ACID (A Crisis in Disguise)


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About THe band


RIFFHANGER is an all original hard rock band whose music and lyrics are spawned from the band members’ real life experiences. There is a cinematic quality to their sound that lends itself to the active imagination. When listening to RIFFHANGER, you become the protagonist in a live action film, each song an epic adventure via your mind’s eye.
RIFFHANGER’s musicians are pupils of the early architects of hard rock, acid rock and heavy metal. While they are true to the foundation laid down by their forefathers (you know who they are), the band has an endless supply of fresh riffs and soulful dynamics not exhibited by today’s brand of rock.
RIFFHANGER was formed out of the bonds of longstanding relationships spanning three decades of collaborations, on a personal and professional level. Their tight, heavy sound is built on their collective experience of hundreds of live shows and countless recording and mixing sessions.


Tony Conklin  / Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars 
John Watson (JW) / Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Background Vocals 
Gus Garces / Bass, Background Vocals
Jeff Carroll  / Drums



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